10% off Harken at APS

I was browsing through some sailing supply websites this morning, and noticed that Annapolis Performance Sailing (APS) is running a promotion for all of March: 10% off all Harken hardware, and a free gift if you spend more than $100.  now would be a good time to upgrade your mainsheet block or other hardware!

for my upgrade to my Sunfish mainsheet block, I decided to use the Harken 2135 57mm carbo ratchet block with a Harken H150 cam cleat.


2 Responses to “10% off Harken at APS”

  1. 1 Baydog March 5, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    M2F: Is that the usual place for the mainsheet cleat? I thought one on each side of the cockpit would be more practical,
    but I’m just a former Laser sailor. BTW, I can appreciate your distaste of AI, but you gotta work on the oysters!

    • 2 my2fish March 5, 2011 at 8:19 pm

      baydog, I’m not sure I’d trust many places in the Midwest to serve oysters the right way.

      as far as the cleat location – the standard Sunfish doesn’t come with a cleat, as far as I know. I’ve seen it placed on each side, but the usual words of wisdom I’ve heard is that you shouldn’t keep the mainsheet in a cleat, but in your hand to play the sail trim.

      my single H150 on the cockpit lip is usually only used in very light air, or very briefly if I need a drink of water or something.

      plus, mounting them on each side would make them a hazard to the underside of my legs as I’m sitting forwards up on the edge hiking out.

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