words of wisdom from Bill

this was posted on the US Sunfish Class New England Region website – words of wisdom put together by Bill Brangiforte, a Sunfish sailor for over 3o years that this year found a way to overcome tendinitis in his elbow and win both of the Regionals (#1 and #2) in New England, as well as the North Americans (more here) and the US Masters (.pdf file).   a pretty impressive summer!  the full write-up with Bill’s “words of wisdom” can be found here (.pdf file).

a good quote from Bill’s words of wisdom:

Concentrating on doing the important things well, instead of results is probably the single best way to improve your racing. I used to get nervous before big events, and ended up not focusing on the key components of the race.

and his thoughts on wind indicators:

Although I am a big fan of keeping weight and windage to a minimum, I now really like using 2 wind indicators; one at the top of the rig for downwind, and one on the lower part of upper spar for upwind. The lower one works with your telltales to help pick up small shifts.  I think this combo has really improved my light air speed; just don’t fixate on it and forget to keep looking around.


2 Responses to “words of wisdom from Bill”

  1. 1 Laura September 6, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Group photo looks suprisingly like our family photo at LaChance, Mackinaw City!

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