sailing with 2 of my boys (video)

so, as I mentioned before, there is a ton of stuff to post about from last week’s vacation, but I’ve started to play with some of the video I was able to get while sailing, and put together this 1st one. [now go easy on me, first time using the video camera that week, first time editing a video on my computer… but I think it turned out all right.]

on Thursday afternoon at Camp Arcadia on Lake Michigan, we took advantage of another beautiful day to spend some time down at the beach, originally planning to just swim and maybe play around with the various kayaks that the camp owns. the wind was light and the waves were calm, making it a great day to play on the water, especially with our younger boys.

my wife and a couple others hinted that I should bring the Sunfish down to the beach, so I went to get it ready for sailing while she and my 9-yr old son each took out a kayak.  my wife also was giving rides on her kayak off and on to our other 2 sons (ages 5 and 2).  my father, sister and uncle helped me get the boat down to the beach, and I rigged it up, and set out, initially with just my 5-yr old son (Noah).  my 2-yr old (Luke) was on the kayak with my wife, but when he saw Dad on the Sunfish, he really wanted to sail instead of kayak – so we transferred him over to the sailboat (about half-way into the video).

after sailing for 15 minutes or so with them, I came into shore, and picked up 2 of my cousin’s kids, and did basically the same – sailed back and forth along the beach, not too far from shore.  I then picked up my aunt and another of my cousin’s kids, then gave my father a ride on the Sunfish, and then my sister as well – all 1st time sailors (except my aunt, who had sailed a Sunfish years ago).

overall, it was a great day, and an excellent way to enjoy the lighter winds and calmer waves that Lake Michigan can throw at you every once in a while.


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