sunfish PVC dolly – update

just wanted to give a quick update on my home-made Sunfish PVC dolly. here is a new picture with my Sunfish, to give an idea of the scale of the dolly in relation to the Sunfish.

I’ve used it twice so far – and both times it performed great.  the 1st time was at a hard-packed dirt/sand ramp and the other time was at a regular paved boat ramp.  I still haven’t tested it out in any beach sand.  oh yeah – the PVC dolly floats, too!  it seems to take on a small amount of water at the axle, so I will probably either drill a hole somewhere in the PVC to allow it to drain the water out, or find a way to seal it up water-tight to make sure it keeps floating!

I was able to slide the Sunfish off the back roller guide on my trailer and rest the back end of the Sunfish on the PVC dolly, and then walk up and pick up and roll the dolly down the ramp using the bow handle.  to get the boat out of the water, it was a little more cumbersome to get the Sunfish onto the dolly down in the water but still manageable by myself.


I did update the construction just a tad, though. as I was trailering the boat a few weekends ago, the vibration from bouncing along down the road caused the (2) nuts on one end of the axle to spin loose, and fall off as I was driving down the road!  in fact, if I hadn’t stopped in time, I probably would have lost one of the brand new foam wheels as well.

to prevent this from happening again, instead of using the (2) nuts on each axle, I reverted back to just (1) nut on the outside, but then drilled a 9/64″ diameter hole in the axle so that I could install a 1/8″ cotter pin to lock everything in place.  here is a picture of the installed cotter pin on the end of the axle:

3 Responses to “sunfish PVC dolly – update”

  1. 1 Mike July 23, 2012 at 9:23 am

    I would love to know what the measurements are so i could build my own!


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