sunfish trailer updates

while visiting with my in-law’s over Memorial Day weekend, I took advantage of having a father-in-law that likes to fiddle with fixing up old cars and has made many friends with unique tools (thanks Larry and Doyt!).  we pulled my beat up rusty old boat trailer out into the country farmland to Doyt’s house to use his heavy-duty air compressor and sand-blaster. all I had to do was pay for the blasting sand, and then sweat like crazy in the sun doing the actual work.  why did we pick a ridiculously hot day to spend several hours in the direct sun, though?!?  it was a hot messy process – I ended up covered in sweat with little bits of the blasting sand and probably flakes of old paint and rust.

here is a picture just before we started sand-blasting.  I had removed most of the hardware – the bunk boards and holders, the roller guides, trailer lights, and had tucked away the trailer wiring harness so we wouldn’t damage it.  Larry had offered to spray-paint a coat of black paint on it as well, but I was already so dirty and exhausted, plus I wanted to get a coat of primer on the trailer too.  I trailered it back home and spent the next couple weeks randomly spending a few hours in the evenings brushing on first a coat of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer, followed by 2 coats of black Rustoleum High Performance Protective Enamel (sounds amazing, doesn’t it?).  I realize brushing might not look as pretty, but I wanted to have a heavy coat of primer and paint, and didn’t want to deal with cans of spray paint — and it’s a trailer for crying out loud!  it doesn’t need to be pretty!

here is a picture of the newly painted frame.  I still need to wire brush and paint a few of the miscellaneous attachments (fenders, bunk board brackets, etc).  I have been upgrading some of the boat hardware as well – new bolts/washers/nuts in a few places, new Z-clips to hold the trailer lights wires to the trailer frame.  I haven’t tried to wire brush the tire rims, so they still are a rusty white color… looks a bit out of place.

when I was trailering the Sunfish to a lake for a sail a few weekends ago, the rubber Y-bow stop had one of the branches of the “y” break off – it had some serious dry rot, so I’m not surprised.

I picked up a new Y-stop and a new bunk roller as well (it had somehow fallen off while driving down the road! – I think the cotter pin must have been too loose).

this is the new roller, towards the front of the boat, at the locking pin for the folding trailer.

I’ll post more picture of the miscellaneous hardware that gets repainted as I get around to actually doing the work!  I’m also still toying around with a new method to stack 2 Sunfish on the same trailer.  my old method got the job done, but I think there is a ton of room for improvement.

1 Response to “sunfish trailer updates”

  1. 1 Q July 18, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    Looks sweet! Where did you end up getting the Y-stop from?


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