joining the Sunfish Class

joining the Sunfish Class is a pretty simple process – the application form to join the United States Sunfish Class (USSCA) can be downloaded from the Sunfish Class website here. (to join the Sunfish Class for a different country, it is probably easiest to contact the Class office.)  I sent in my application right before the Sunfish Worlds started, so I think that might have slightly delayed the process for me – but I still received my membership packet back from the Class in just a couple weeks.

what does it cost?

  • $35 the first year, $30 yearly after that
  • there are small discounts for additional family members, youth sailors, and paying for 2 years at a time

what’s in the membership packet?

  • an letter of introduction – welcomes you to the class, notes that you are now joining the 1,900+ members of the Class
  • you are assigned a unique sail number, and the Class provides you with (2) sets of sail numbers (for each side of 1 sail) and instructions to properly install the sail numbers on your sail
  • the International Sunfish Class Association (ISCA) handbook – which includes the Class Measurements Rules and Constitution and information on the Class associations for all countries
  • the latest copy of the Sunfish Class newsletter, the Windward Leg (in my case, the Spring of 2010 issue)
  • and a membership card (wallet sized) showing your name and sail number

membership in the Sunfish Class is required for racing in most of the Regional, National, and World Championship events.

knowing that over 300,000 Sunfish sailboats have been sold since they were first introduced over 50 years ago (see the Class history), I was a little surprised to see the relatively small size of the Class (1,900+ members), but it also reaffirms my suspicions that the majority of Sunfish sailors just sail their boats for recreation at the nearby lake or summer cottage.


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