sunfish worlds 2010 – day 1 results

here is a smattering of information on the few days before the official racing, as well as the results from day 1 of the 2010 Sunfish Worlds in Punta Ala, Italy. lots of information can be found at this site, put together by members of the Netherlands Sunfish Klasse, including some bits here:

the issued daggerboards weren’t fitting well:

After unpacking the containers it became clear: the delivered daggerboards are to big! Brent from Laserperformance finally made 1 daggerboard oke. It took him a long time, so the work on the remainder daggerboards was outsourced to an Italian company.

on Sunday they had the opportunity to run some practice racing:

5 Bft wind today at the Punta Ala beach: high waves! The was a ‘general recall’ at the start of the practiserace, but nobody the complete field sailed to to windward buoy. Due to the stormy conditions many sailers went back home.

a couple sailors from the Texas Sunfish Racing Circuit are participating – here is a post from the 1st few days:

Got up this morning nary a breeze excitement was running high… By the time I got ready to launch for the practice race we had medium surf and 12-15 winds. Once we were out on the water the winds increased to the high teens. The RC had to abandon the first race as there was no leeward gate.

here are some day 1 thoughts from Jonathan Martinetti (the current leader, who had a great 1st day with a 2nd place and two 1st place finishes) – his site is in Spanish, so I used Google Translate so I could read it (English translation here).

here are the official results (.pdf file) from the Sunfish Class.  here are the standings for the top 10 racers after day 1:

2 4036 DAVID MENDELBLATT 10,0 3 2 5
3 4038 CONNER BLOUIN 14,0 1 4 9
4 4008 PAUL-JON PATIN 20,0 10 7 3
5 4018 KEVIN VAN OTTERDIJK 22,0 5 5 12
6 4017 ARD VAN AANHOLT 24,0 6 16 2
7 4019 JUST VAN AANHOLT 24,0 11 9 4
8 4011 JOSE VICENTE GUTIERREZ 37,0 16 3 18
9 4021 SCOTT GREENBAUM 42,0 14 18 10
10 4004 CHRISTOPHER FRIEND 45,0 8 26 11


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