june 2010 sunfish midwest schedule UPDATE

just wanted to post a quick update: I left one Sunfish event in June off of my latest schedule post, the june 2010 midwest schedule.  I realized this when I looked at the full 2010 schedule (.pdf file) available at the Sunfish Class main website.  this event was left off the Midwest schedule (.pdf file), but is now showing up as a post on the Sunfish Midwest blog.

anyway, here is the regatta that I left out:

Saturday, June 26th – 5th Annual Chippewa Challenge (Open)

this race will be held at the Chippewa Yacht Club in Medina, Ohio (35 minutes from downtown Cleveland).  registration will be at 9am, camping is available on Friday night, and the race is open to both Sunfish and Lasers, and juniors are welcome!  cost is $35/boat, and they expect to get in 5 to 7 races on Saturday.  the invitation/notice of race can be found here (.pdf file).

FYI: this race also happens to be the same day as day 1 of the Midwest Regional Championship #1 at Wolf Lake Yacht Club (see previous schedule post for information).


1 Response to “june 2010 sunfish midwest schedule UPDATE”

  1. 1 my2fish June 11, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    oh yeah, and the notice of race (NOR) is now available for the Midwest Regional Championship #1 (.pdf file).

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