sunfish worlds 2009

the 39th Sunfish World Championship will be held at the Nassau Yacht Club in the Bahamas in just a few days – October 16th thru 24th. here’s an article from a local Bahamas newspaper.

the notice of race can be found at the Sunfish Class website (link to .pdf file here).

entry into the race is limited to 72 racers (with 10 spots initially granted to the Bahamas Sailing Association).  the winner(s) of Sunfish regional races around the country are automatically eligible to race in the Sunfish Worlds (or at least that’s how I understand it).  so the winner of the midwest regional #2 that I recently attended as a spectator would qualify (if he’s interested in going to the Worlds).  seriously, though… it’s the Bahamas – who wouldn’t be interested in going?!

also, interesting to note that all of the boats used in the Worlds racing will be brand new Sunfish sailboats supplied by Laser Performance specifically for the Worlds.  the Bahamas Sailing Association has a promotion right now to (pre-)sell the Worlds boats – check it out here.  the sail colors/pattern would definitely be unique… I’m just not sure how I’d get it home from the Bahamas!

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