shorty wetsuit review

while on vacation, I got several opportunities to test out my new shorty wetsuit from Costco (see post about it here). since the weather was cooler that week, I wore it down to the beach on Sunday and spent quite a bit of time out in the water.  I initially tried to sail my brother-in-law’s Sandpiper 8 sailboat (see results here), but then just spent a bunch of time swimming in the water and trying to stand up as long as I could on the camp’s surf-style board (not sure what exactly is what supposed to be for).


tuesday was much cooler and after lunch the skies looked pretty grim, so we postponed any sailing plans, but the waves were gigantic that day, so I wore the wetsuit down to the beach, and did my best to play in the waves.  along with giant waves that day, though, was some incredible undertow.  the waves were coming in mostly from the west, but the undertow was pulling the water straight north up the beach.  I had trouble making it more than probably 50 or 60 feet from the shore, and it took quite a bit of effort just to stay in one position.  the younger kids were pulled up the shore pretty quickly as well, so we called it quits after a short time to avoid any accidents with the kids.

wednesday was my good day of sailing my Sunfish (see results here), and I wore the wetsuit for that as well.   I noticed that most of my younger passengers were shivering most of the ride, so I’m sure the cooler temperatures, along with the strong winds and spray coming up on the boat caused them to cool off quickly.

I found the wetsuit kept me quite warm the entire time sailing, as well as the other days while just swimming in the water.  in fact, any time when I was out of the water, and the sun was shining, I found I would get quite warm!  I had used the sizing chart provided by Costco, and found that the wetsuit fits just about perfect – not too incredibly tight, but snug at the legs and arms, and it’s adjustable with velcro at the neck.  the glideseal gaskets at the arms and legs are very comfortable as well.

I went back up to Camp Arcadia the weekend after Labor Day for a men’s retreat with my father, brother, and 2 brothers-in-law.  I used the wetsuit again for my 1st attempt at windsurfing.  that was intense, and extremely difficult!  I think my lower legs are still bruised from trying to climb up onto the board out in the deeper water.  again, the wetsuit did a great job of keeping me warm the entire time, though.

overall, I was very impressed, and would highly recommend it to anyone considering buying a shorty wetsuit – it certainly seems like a great shorty wetsuit and at a great price as well.  throw in Costco’s generous 100% satisfaction return policy and you can hardly go wrong!


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