sailing log: 2009-08-23

this is hardly worth adding to the sail log, but I don’t suppose it’d be fair to myself to leave out the parts that don’t go so well.  the 1st full day on vacation, Sunday, we carried my brother-in-law’s Sandpiper 8 sailboat down to the beach in the afternoon.  he graciously offered to let me try sailing it first, installed the rudder as I jumped in, and then shoved me off.

t in c's boat

I started off pretty rough – I was pointed the wrong way (almost straight into the wind), and was too close to shore and the waves kept rolling me even closer.  plus, the tiller in the boat was handmade, and only about 12″ long.  I couldn’t get comfortable with trying to sit facing forward, holding the shortened tiller behind my back.  after 15 minutes of frustration, and getting blown closer to the shore, I just jumped out and told him to show me the way!

90190025 clint

90190026 clint

I think he was used to the shorter tiller length (after all it’s his boat), and he had good luck sailing for about an hour or so, swinging in close to shore to give several of the kids (nieces, nephews, etc) short rides out in the boat.  I even carried my 15-month old son out to let him sit in the boat for a few minutes while the kids were exchanging life jackets so the next passenger could get ready… and he loved it!  my curly-haired 4-yr old son was getting a lesson from his dad on how to handle the rudder.

2 boys in sandpiper

after my brother-in-law finished sailing, I was looking over the boat as we dragged it up onto the shore, and realized that we had set up the mainsheet incorrectly  (which I’ll gladly say was part of the reason for my frustration).  we had rigged it so that the mainsheet control was aft-rigged, so the short tiller, combined with the mainsheet line behind me was more than I could adjust to coming from the Sunfish.  we fixed the mainsheet line, though – the traveler has a block so the mainsheet line runs back up the end of the boom and is knotted there, while the mainsheet goes to the block at the middle of the boom, and down to the sailor for controlling the sail.

I did mention that he might consider adding a block or hook or cleat of some sort right at the daggerboard trunk (the trunk is trimmed out in wood, so it’d be easy to screw something there) that would maybe help in the future with the mainsheet controls.  oh yeah, and a longer tiller. 🙂


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