my trip to Torresen Marine

on our way home from vacation last week, we took a different route than normal to head back home, so that I could make a small detour to stop and visit the showroom of Torresen Marine, in Muskegon, Michigan (also found online at

I was excited to see an actual shop for the 1st time – hoping for one that would have a nice large selection of all the parts I’ve been looking at online and dreaming about purchasing. I thought maybe they’d also have a small collection of t-shirts, jackets, bumper stickers and that sort of thing with Sunfish logos, as I haven’t really seen anything like that online.  I was also hoping to see a brand new Sunfish, as I’ve only ever seen ones in the 30 to 40-yr old range.

I was honestly pretty sorely disappointed when I got there, though.

So, I was told that Laser Performance has been particularly slow about keeping them stocked with parts, so I don’t know that I can completely hold Torresen Marine at fault, but I was very annoyed to have made a detour for what I ended up finding there… a very small shelving section with almost nothing actually in stock.  that being said, I did go ahead and purchase the mast cap with the fairlead and the mast base as well (hopefully I can get my mast sealed up and water-tight!).

I was also very happy to see a brand spanking new Sunfish sitting in the showroom – easily the highlight of my stop.  I looked it over briefly — long enough to satisfy my curiosity, and yet still short enough to keep me from getting too enamored with it… that’s a purchase I’ll put off for a few years — maybe once my boys are older and can go sailing with me on a more frequent basis.

the salesperson I talked with was very helpful giving me directions to a place to eat lunch, though, so that was nice. 🙂


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