sunfish supplies – where is the best place to buy?

so, a few days ago I decided to shop around for some of the Sunfish parts that I am considering buying to upgrade my Sunfish (see my parts list here).  I did a price comparison at a few of the Sunfish supplier websites (that I’m aware of… I’m sure there are plenty of others) and my local sailboat shop:

after comparing several items, I found that just about every part I searched for was the exact same price at each of them, except for Layline, which tended to be at a small discount to each of the others. I specifically priced the following, typical price listed first, Layline pricing in parentheses:

  • Mast cap with fairlead: $11.69 ($10.50)
  • Mast base cap: $8.90 ($8.48)
  • (1) horn cleat to add on my mast for the halyard: $13.75 (n/a)
  • Gooseneck quick adjust lever: $22.82 ($20.50)

so, it seems that for many parts, Layline will save me a couple bucks… not a huge discount, but probably worth trying them out.  the one big discount is the Sailboat Garage has the “Tune-a-Fish Kit” for $106, a pretty nice discount over the others, where it lists for $122.50 ($118.80 at Layline).

I guess it’s nice to see that there is pretty uniform pricing from the manufacturers all the way to local suppliers, but it does make me curious why Layline Marine is the only shop to offer supplies at a discount.  having never used them myself, I’m curious as to their quality of service and reputation.

thoughts?  any other preferred vendors?


3 Responses to “sunfish supplies – where is the best place to buy?”

  1. 1 tillerman August 3, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    Layline is a fine reputable supplier with excellent service. If they are the cheapest, by all means use them. (Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs and sales tax where appropriate too.)

    Other things being equal I think I would support the local dealer. It will probably pay you in the long run to build a relationship with him, as there are lots of ways he can help you and support local Sunfish sailing.

    • 2 my2fish August 3, 2009 at 11:17 pm

      I figured as much, more than anything was curious why the price discount. I totally agree about supporting my local shop – and was planning to do so. I ordered my Sunfish Bible through them, and have talked to them (specifically, Peg Beadle – recognize that name? ) a couple times.

      thanks for your thoughts,

  2. 3 my2fish September 9, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Torresen just climbed a few notches with some personal service above and beyond the norm…

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