book review: small boat sailing

this was the 2nd book that I picked up at the public library: “small boat sailing” (Amazon link) by bob bond and steve sleight.

first and foremost – my 14-month old son absolutely LOVES this book.  any time he sees it on the couch or shelf, he motions for me to get it, and gets excited (you know, the usual grunts and coos that a 14-month old makes to show he likes something) as he is flipping through the pages, looking at the color photos of the various types of sailboats.  his absolute fascination with the book probably adds a half star to my rating!

having picked this book up on the same library trip as “learn to sail in a weekend“, I found I wasn’t quite as interested in reading it word-for-word, and found myself browsing the pages, reading the new or interesting parts, but skipping some of the things that were repeated.  not that I’d consider it a lessor text necessarily, it was just that the descriptions of sailing on a broad reach or whatever were fairly fresh in my mind.  it did seems at times the information was sort of jumbled, and not organized that well, but overall, it had far more information than “learn to sail in a weekend” – including tactics for leaving and returning from beaches, floats, and moorings, methods for towing, some information on the development of sailing, boat construction methods, types of sailboats, and more depth with important knots.

one thing that was great, though, was that it did break down some of the sailing steps into 2 parts – instructions for a 2-man boat AND instructions for a single-hander, such as the Sunfish.  it was also loaded with color and black-and-white photos of all kinds of different small sailboats, as well as many sketches and diagrams that were fantastic.

rating: 4.5 stars (remember, an extra 0.5 stars for my 14-month old!)


2 Responses to “book review: small boat sailing”

  1. 1 alli michelle August 4, 2009 at 10:51 am

    I can see why he likes this – from the cover it does look very colorful and eye catching. I really like the photo on the front – I’m guessing it’s a bit dated but I like books that are.

  2. 2 Seth August 22, 2009 at 10:35 am

    what a great review!

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