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launching a Sunfish in heavy waves [video]

this is a cool video showing the difficulties in launching a Sunfish in the strong winds and heavy wave conditions at Lewes, Delaware earlier this month at the 2013 Sunfish Worlds.  the wind and waves were severe enough that the racers were only able to complete 5 races during the several days of racing.

HT: @sunfishworlds

sailing log 2013-07-28: Lake Erie

just a quick post: took the Sunfish out for a short sail this afternoon on Lake Erie – it was a blast!  strong winds from the south/south-west meant I could zip up and down along the beach, bouncing up and over waves when I was heading south, and surfing on the tops of waves when I turned around and headed back north.

here is a screenshot from my GoPro video camera:

lake erie gopro

will post more details later.

great lakes current map

here is an amazing visual representation created by researchers working at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) that depicts how the currents are moving across the Great Lakes – this is a screenshot from today:


but you should really check out the website, as it is constantly updating, and you can see the ebb and flow and swirling of the currents out on the Great Lakes.

this visualization is made possible with the same computer code that is being used to create the amazing wind map of the United States.

HT: Huffington Post article

a natural wind indicator?

a while back I posted about making my own wind indicator for sailing in light wind on my Sunfish that uses a piece of PVC pipe to “clamp” right onto the upper spar for my sail.

I thought I was pretty crafty, and it was just about as cheap of a home-made solution as I could come up with, but then I saw this 3rd panel in a comic called “Basic Instructions” by Scott Meyer.

apparently, I just need to sail more often with my shirt off…

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