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first day of spring

technically, today is the 1st day of spring.  but at least in Michigan, it certainly doesn’t feel like it!  a little while back we had a day or two or three of temperatures creeping up into the 50′s and 60′s, but ever since we’ve been back in a cold snap, with constant freezing temperatures, and random bits of snow falling as well.

but it should warm up soon, and sailing won’t be too far behind.

(full disclosure – this video for the song is pretty weird… but I kind of like the song, and it IS the first day of spring).

My friend…
Don’t just sit there and ruminate…
With your navel to contemplate…
It’s a beautiful day outside…
Time’s passing you by…
Come on out…
Don’t just sit there catatonic…
I’m feeling supersonic…
A warm wind is sweeping by…
The sun’s full in the sky…
And there’s no way of knowing,
No way to know,
Know how long it’ll last,
No way of knowing,
No way to know,
Know how long it’ll last…

happy groundhog day

the groundhog has spoken – this year it will be an early spring.

don’t drive angry.

lake bound

heading to the lake – hope the weather cooperates and gives me a chance for some unsalted sailing.

here’s the windfinder forecast for a nearby station:

happy groundhog day!

happy groundhog day!  this has certainly been a strange winter in Michigan – one of the warmer winters in my recent memory, and a very small amount of total snowfall so far.  it’s been above 50 degrees F several times in January, and this week will have several days in the low 40′s.  there have been a couple days of bright sunshine, too, which has been great.  we did have one snowfall of maybe 2 or 3 inches about 2 weeks ago – I took the boys sledding for a little bit that weekend.  it’s been pretty much the only chance we’ve really had all winter!

I posted this clip a couple years back, but I really like it – Bill Murray gives the weather report from the movie Groundhog Day.

we shall see what the the groundhog predicts tomorrow morning!

winter white-out

last week, the forecast for Thundersnow 2011 or Snowpocalypse 2011 or the Groundhog 2011 storm or whatever it was being called didn’t quite ring true.  school was cancelled early, work was closed for the day – forecasts ranged from 15 to 20 inches of snowfall.

I think we got about 8 inches of snow – still impressive, but nowhere near the impending doom I was expecting.  interestingly enough, we were dumped on with maybe 4 or 5 MORE inches of snow on Saturday, but I don’t even remember hearing a single weather warning about it.  I did wake up last Tuesday night during the snowstorm to see the sky lighting up, and the sound of thunder rattling the sky.  and then I promptly fell back asleep – interesting? sure, but not enough to keep me awake at 2:30am.

with the snow day last Wednesday, I took my 2 older boys down the road a few miles to sled on the bigger hills in the nearby park.  the snow was fresh and soft – and would blast up in our faces as we slid down the hill. here’s a great picture I got of T2 in the midst of it:

Noah solved the problem by just lying down on his sled – he was the only one who could go very far – I think me and T2 (well, mostly just me) were too heavy, and would sink down in the light fresh snow.

over the weekend, we spent some more time just playing in the snow that has become giant piles around the driveway and sidewalks – T2 and Noah spent a ton of time digging tunnels, and pelting me with snowballs.

this has been an interesting winter for snowfall – it seemed that November, December and January were fairly light – we’d get an inch or two or three here and there, but never a big storm, and it didn’t seem to accumulate on the ground from snowfall to snowfall.

February, on the other hand, has been a steady diet of fresh snow.

spring has sprung?

I’ve started to see a few signs of spring – the last few evenings Luke and I have been taking walks up and down our street so he can see (chase?) the robins (as they are chasing earthworms).  then a client from work told me the other day that the smell of skunks is usually a sign of spring… he said something about how they come out of hibernation to mate, and end up getting hit by cars along the road… that was a new one for me.  but now I’ve got some visual proof – our crocuses are blossoming in the front yard. here’s a picture of Luke trying to smell them!

perhaps the sailing season is right around the corner?

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