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sailing walvis – a Sunfish clone [video]

check out this short video of a small board boat similar to a Sunfish (a Sunfish clone). looks fun!

It’s a one of a kind model as far as I’m aware, only 90cm wide and no hiking straps! Wind was around 10 to 15 knots (guestimate).

2013 Sunfish Worlds [video]

here is another great video of the 2013 Sunfish Worlds racing at Lewes, Delaware.  those were some crazy conditions! heavy wind, huge waves… made for some challenging racing, I would think.


another fried chicken by the Green Machine [video]

as I mentioned the other day in “smell the roses“, there was a great(?) song on the radio all the time when Michigan State last went to a Rose Bowl.

Go Green, Go White
Gonna have a party on New Year’s Night,
Go White, Go Green
Another butt-kickin’ by the Green Machine!

[or as my family remembers it: "another fried chicken by the Green Machine!"]

drink it in:

rain at 2011 Sunfish NA’s [video]

here’s a short video from the 2011 Sunfish North American’s at Barrington YC, Rhode Island – what starts out as a drifter turns into a race towards shore to beat the oncoming storm – lightning, rain, fun times.

HT: @wetpantssailing or check out the Wet Pants Sailing website

kinetic art: sailing [in motion]

as meech so wisely pointed out in a comment on my last post – how can it be kinetic art without video evidence? the proof is in the pudding:


extreme laser winter sailing [video]

HT: @petergustafsson

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