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today’s tunes: Sail Away by Christine Donaldson

recently featured as GoPro’s Video of the Day, the entire video was shot using the amazing GoPro cameras.  the video was produced, mixed, edited by singer/song-writer Christine Donaldson.

sunfish sailing fail

I was looking through some of my GoPro video footage from some sailing this summer, and stumbled on this gem… I was sailing on Lake Erie, and had come in towards shore to hop out and adjust the angle of my GoPro Hero video camera that I have mounted out on the boom.  it was a bit windy, and right after I adjusted the GoPro, the wind caught the sail against my raised daggerboard, and completely flipped the Sunfish over into the water!

gopro gone wrong

sailing log 2013-07-28: Lake Erie

just a quick post: took the Sunfish out for a short sail this afternoon on Lake Erie – it was a blast!  strong winds from the south/south-west meant I could zip up and down along the beach, bouncing up and over waves when I was heading south, and surfing on the tops of waves when I turned around and headed back north.

here is a screenshot from my GoPro video camera:

lake erie gopro

will post more details later.

sailing & kayaking log: 2013-07-05 Round Lake

for the July 4th holiday this year, my wife and I joined several college friends at a lake cottage on Round Lake. this has become a little bit of a tradition, as I think this is now our 3rd year in a row meeting up there together.

Thursday afternoon we took the pontoon boat for a spin out on the lake and stopped to swim at the large sand bar.  we enjoyed some awesome food & drinks and fellowship, and then watched the beautiful sunset, followed by fireworks from all around the lake.


I woke up Friday morning, and gathered up my things to take the Sunfish out for a spin on Round Lake.  the wind was pretty calm, but I thought I might as well give it a try… but it was pretty much a drifter the whole way.  at one point in a shallow area, I just got off the Sunfish, and walked a couple hundred yards through the shallow area, towing the Sunfish along behind me.  this is a screenshot from my GoPro video camera (that I ended up just turning off).

walking round lake

I saw (4) other Sunfish out on the water, and thought I might try to sail over to them to say hello – but I just couldn’t make any headway in that direction, and I think they realized it just wasn’t enough wind to be on the water, as they each made their way back to shore.  you can just barely see a couple of their little triangular sails off in the distance.


after a short while, I gave up on sailing, and slowly started making my way back to the cottage.  a little bit of paddling was required to speed things along.  once I got back, I left my Sunfish more or less rigged and ready to go if the wind was to ever pick back up again, but it never really did.


while I was trying to sail, I used my new Aquapac (Micro Whanganui) dry bag to keep my iPhone dry, and then turned on my Runkeeper app to use the GPS to track my sailing movements.  I guess in theory, it would be a pretty neat result, but since it was such light winds, I basically just drifted in a large circle (sailing route shown with blue lines on the map below).

later in the afternoon, two of my friends and I each took a kayak for a spin, and ended up paddling quite a long way around the lake. I used Google Maps to trace our approximate route (kayaking shown by red lines) – it ended up being about 3.75 miles of kayaking! not too bad for maybe my 1st ever serious kayaking.

round lake 2013-07-05

all told it was a great couple days spent on the water, enjoying time with old friends, and mixing in a bit of delicious cooking and cold frosty beverages.  the Sunfish sailing left a little to be desired, but sometimes the winds just don’t like to cooperate.

sailing log 2013-06-30: Ford Lake

welp, it was the last day of June, but I finally got out and sailing on my Sunfish this year.  seems like May & June are always a blur of wrapping up the boys’ soccer seasons and end of the school year activities.  excuses, sure, but that’s how my sailing works for now.

it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon: my boys are staying with their grandparents for a couple weeks and my wife was off on a wild goose chase of her own on the other side of Michigan.  so I had the afternoon all to myself, and I decided to test out a new lake in my area.

Ford Lake, near Ypsilanti, is a 975 acre (1.5 square mile) impoundment of the Huron River. the lake was created when a dam was built to provide hydro-electric power to nearby factories for Ford Motor Company.  like most of the dammed up rivers around here, it isn’t incredibly deep, with a maximum depth of about 30 feet.

ford lake map

Ford Lake is home to the Eastern Michigan University sailing club.  I’m not sure how active the club actually is, but I do know that Derrick Fries is a faculty advisor for the sailing club.  Derrick is a Sunfish champion and author of  “Successful Sunfish Racing” and “Start Sailing Right“.

one big difference I noticed with Ford Lake is that there didn’t seem to be any significant amount of weeds – at least in the area I ended up sailing – which is a huge improvement over a lot of the inland lakes in my area.

I used the Ford Lake Park launch ramps on the south side of the lake (marked by the “A” on the map above).  there is a $8 daily fee for boats (annual passes are available).  the ramps are paved and nicely sloped, with several docks to tie up your boat while you park your car and trailer.

ford lake ramps

the sailing that afternoon was quite nice – the breeze wasn’t too strong, but was quite gusty, with shifts catching me by surprise a couple times.  not enough to capsize, but it kept me on my toes!  I think the long and narrow lake plays a bit into the shiftiness of the wind.

here is a screen capture from the video I took with my GoPro camera.

Ford Lake sunfish sailing

overall, it was a great afternoon for sailing, and I had a great time out on the water.  a bit late, but not a bad start to my 2013 sailing season.

lake superior north shore [video]

this is a sweet video made using a Hoverthings HPV with a GoPro video camera to capture stunning views of the north shoreline of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. a few of the areas that are in the video:

Temperance River, Cascade River, Tettegouche, Judge Magney, and Gooseberry Falls are among the state parks featured, as well as Grand Marais and Palisade Head.

as usual, worth it to load this up in high definition and watch it full screen.

HT: Moldy Chum

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