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oodles of canoes & kayaks


photograph by Nancy Battaglia for National Geographic.

the picture set the Guinness World Record for Largest raft of canoes & kayaks.  it was an event set up called “One Square Mile of Hope” to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer.  the official count was 1,902 canoes and kayaks.

walk on water [kayaking video]

this is amazing – the story of a man, Greg Mallory, who lost the use of his legs due to a skiing accident, and he found extreme whitewater kayaking as a sport that he could get involved in, and not be hampered (too much) by the loss of use from his legs.  it’s great to see how other kayakers help Greg get to some of the difficult put-ins to start their kayak runs.

as usual, load it up in HD and watch full screen.

Greg is now on a 1-year kayaking trip in Patagonia – read more about it at

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lake Michigan in a dugout [video]

here is a short teaser trailer about a summer adventure two women took on Lake Michigan.  the two of them paddled and sailed over 1200 miles on Lake Michigan over 93 days in the summer.  they added a Sunfish sail to their hand-made dugout canoe.

This summer my friend, Amy, and I circumnavigated Lake Michigan… Everyone dreams of an adventurous life. We took off out the back door running; exploring on our own terms, by our own means. This is a short teaser of our journey.

they also have a blog about it: Lake Michigan in a Dugout

I found their blog from one of the weekly “Rhumbline” emails from Laser Performance United.

Adam’s Rib: Gull Lake Boat Works [video]

this is an amazing look at the process used by Marc of Gull Lake Boat Works as he creates his custom wood and canvas canoes all by hand.

plus, he has a sweet set of tattoos on his forearm of the 4 symbols from Led Zeppelin’s 4th studio album (3:18 into the video).

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Huron River Cleanup Day

this Saturday, April 14th, is a volunteer clean up day at the Huron River in Ann Arbor.

time: 9:00am – 2:00pm
meet at the Gallup Canoe Livery.
Canoes and trash bags will be provided at no cost.
call to pre-register 734-794-6240.
for more information visit here.

along that same stretch of river, the City of Ann Arbor is finalizing the construction of the new Argo Cascades – they have a nice photo/video collection to show it off.  it looks like it is going to be pretty awesome.  the river clean-up day will help other stretches of the river look great as well.

The City of Ann Arbor is close to completing the construction of the $1.17 million canoe and kayak bypass channel in the Argo millrace. For the first time since 1830 when the channel was built to power mills this section of river will be free-flowing with the portage removed. The channel has been transformed into a series of nine drops and pools for people in tubes, rafts, canoes and kayaks to enjoy. Recently staff tested the drops and final modifications are expected to take place before May.

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