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greater detroit 2014 Sunfish race schedule

the Greater Detroit Sunfish Club (GDSC) has released their 2014 Sunfish race schedule (you can find it with additional information posted at their Yahoo Group).  you can also check them out on their Facebook page.

all Sunday races start at 12:30pm [uno]

I said this last year (and the year before), and didn’t get a chance, but I’m again going to do my best to meet up with this group for some races this year.  it’s shaping up to be a pretty busy summer already, though!

sailing Round Lake

thinking of warmer days, I stumbled on this photo of me getting ready to sail on Round Lake, south of Jackson, Michigan. we were at my friend’s cottage for a couple days, right on the lake. it was an amazing time.

I was taking out my brand new FRP daggerboard, and despite knowing there was a sandbar, I proceeded to strike it anyway, and chip the new board.

merry Christmas 2013

hope you have a blessed Christmas celebration with family and friends!

we spent the day at home – just me and my wife and our 3 boys, opening presents in the morning, and then the boys spent most of the day building Lego sets.  Arwen loved sticking her nose into the presents and joining in the fun.


I spent a little time out at the barn, finally figured out how to get the electricity working.  our garage door now opens and closes without having to start the generator! here’s a view looking south towards the barn from where our future house will sit.



’tis the season

we spent a couple days at my parents’ house just before Christmas to celebrate the holiday with my side of the family.


luckily, we arrived after the bad ice storm that hit their area – and even luckier, they still had power!


branches were weighted down with a thick coating of ice, and various branches had snapped and fallen down around their yard, thankfully with minimal damage.


despite all the destruction, the ice storm aftermath makes for some amazing outdoor photography.  when the sun is shining, the ice everywhere can just sparkle and make everything glisten.  I spent a bit of time walking around outside with our silver lab puppy, Arwen – she loves exploring my parents’ yard.


I also snapped a couple great shots of the various birds that congregate at the bird feeders.


here is a great shot of a male cardinal hopping onto the bird feeder.


and a red-bellied (strange name, huh?!) woodpecker that was hanging out at the suet feeder.


all told, a beautiful few days spending time with family and celebrating the Christmas holiday, and enjoying the amazing power of nature intertwined with the beauty it creates.

merry Christmas!

[all photos taken with my Nikon D70 & a Nikon Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6G-AF Zoom Lens]

the icefish

up in the cold weather states, sailors have found a way to play in the wind throughout the year – by making and sailing on iceboats.  these are sailboats that skate across the frozen water, often at incredible speeds.  I found this great picture of a crude iceboat – a “Cheapskate” – that is using an old Sunfish sail.


photo via Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

see more information here.

another fried chicken by the Green Machine [video]

as I mentioned the other day in “smell the roses“, there was a great(?) song on the radio all the time when Michigan State last went to a Rose Bowl.

Go Green, Go White
Gonna have a party on New Year’s Night,
Go White, Go Green
Another butt-kickin’ by the Green Machine!

[or as my family remembers it: "another fried chicken by the Green Machine!"]

drink it in:

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